Whole Brain Strategy Co., Ltd.

We are experts of Whole Brain Technology™ since 1994.

We are applying Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument – HBDI™ and Whole Brain Technology™ to support individuals for personal growth and success development based on their own strengths. Knowing yourself helps you to understand others, which is a key factor for further achievements.

We develop market leadership strategies for enterprises with the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument - HBDI™ and Whole Brain Technology™ together with you and with your management team.

Whole Brain Strategy Co. Ltd.’s owner Prof. Dr. Savas Tumis has been working since 1980 in industrial companies as CEO, as an entrepreneur with his own companies and as Top Management Consultant in Europe and since 1989 also in Asia.

With Whole Brain Strategy Co. Ltd. Prof. Dr. Savas Tumis is offering his more than 35 years managerial, entrepreneurial and advisory experiences to his clients as managers, as enterprises and as individuals.

Prof. Dr. Savas Tumis is your direct Partner and Advisor, he will coach you personally.

35Years Experience

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